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My name is Rahul and I am not dumb

26, Aug 2013 By reachravish10

“Please for god sake trust me, I am not dumb.” These were the last few words uttered by Rahul before his death. Upon investigation we found an emotional story which preceded Rahul’s death.

Rahul comes from a poor family, based in Bihar. Despite this fact, he cracked CAT exam with 99.95 percentile. However, he was a great son and always listened to his dad. Those few words of his late father still echoed in his ears, ” beta, life mein aasaan raaste to sab hi chun lete hain, asal insaan woh hai jo life mein kuchh daring kare“.

Respect for his dad and his famous dialogue, he ended up taking admission in IIPM. He was proud of the fact that he has “dared to think beyond IIMs”.

Rahul, from his childhood days liked his name a lot. When girls used to call him Rahul, he used to turn and smile with the same intensity and confidence that was shown by Shah Rukh Khan(Rahul) in KKHH.

He was in love with his name. Be it cricket or romance, the name “Rahul” always helped him. He even liked a famous page on Facebook named “My name is Rahul”.

Everything was going fine until that dark Friday. He was with his few girlfriends and was very happy and out of joy he started shouting his name ” I am Rahul.”

A beggar sitting on the road side who was about to open his Rs12 full meal, stood up suddenly and slapped Rahul and ran away. Later it was known that there was some minister  named Rahul who had eaten a poor family’s meal a few days ago.

The beggar confused this Rahul with the minister and hence was afraid that his full meal will go for a toss. It was out of panic that he reacted in this manner.

Within few minutes this was THE most talked about news in the great college owned by Pony ponytail man. This was the first time when Rahul felt embarrassed and started hating his name.

Later that night he browsed internet to find some more details about the great legendary leader “Mr Rahul Gandhi”. After going through some trusted sources like wikipedia and news websites, Rahul was left with no option other than committing suicide.

He never imagined that a person named Rahul can be so foolish. The last page which was viewed by him had some speech made by this leader. It read, “If India is a computer then Congress is its default program.”

People are still confused as to what adjective suits Rahul. Bold or coward? Bold as he dared to go beyond IIMs or coward that he ended his life.

P.S. to all future parents , naming ceremony is not a JOKE!!