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My comments on rape were movie dialogues: Papas Tal

11, Jul 2014 By ritareporter

Giving astonishing turn to the event, Papas Tal, the ‘young’ actor-turned-politician from West Bengal has claimed that his “alleged” rape comments were dialogues from a movie which he was shooting and that the speech that is being widely circulated is purportedly scene from the movie.

Clearing the air on the recent controversy Mr. Tal said, ” The controversial speech and the video is a scene from my latest movie MATIR MANUSH. The opposition is indulging in smear campaign against me and the party by planting mischeivous videos. We will hit the road against this. Ma, Mati, Manush will give fitting reply to these people. People of Bengal know me.”

Attending the Press-Conference at the newly renovated Nazrul Mancha alongside his party secretary Sartha Motarjee, he went on to allege Maoist and PCM links behind this issue saying that the movie’s script was written by Maoists and PCM backed cadres from JungleMuhul just to trap him in a controversy like this and malign the ruling party.

When further questioned if an apology was due for this misunderstanding and blemishing the party image and of the state the General Secretary of the party said that Mr. Tal had already apologised and has been punished justly by asking him to confirm to the Blue and White dress code for upcoming months by the Big Sister, party supremo.This was first reported in Faking News. However, if the sources are to be believed many national leaders like Azam Khan and Mulayalam Singh Yadav are reportedly very upset with this unprecendented punishment meted out to this young leader who idolates Abu Azmi, and have already made an offer to Tal to join their party. The transfer offer has been summarily rejected by Tal’s party who are very intent in securing his services.

Papas Tal

PCM has denied any hand in this controversy, though. “There is very little we do now. We cannot even condemn this incident now. We do not do anything now. We come here. We even prepare tea ourselves, as there are no one else comes here exceptthe two of us. We are the only members left now,” said Patal Basu and Juddhadeb Hotacharya, former CM.

In a separate interaction with the media Big Sister insisted that Tal’s comment was secular and illustrated the secular foundations of the party. “His comment was not about any particular religion. He was not biased about any community. We treat every community equal. Sobai ke soman bhabe dekhi. Amra Modi na. (We are not Modi).

On the hindsight, independent sources have confirmed that the movie Matir Manush, in which Mr.Tal was acting was being produced by Sarada Gosthi, a ponzi company.