Saturday, 17th March, 2018

Music is beyond boundary

24, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

The fresh admonition for the Pakistani singer has appeared from a very important politician of the ruling party. His views certainly have enough weight in each direction. A lot of hours have been spent in discussion about this sort of customary matter prior to his remark on crossing out of a particular song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

We had not tried out so far anything to be definite in banning the singers from beyond the borders. This matter continued to agitate us time and again. Whenever the film fraternity finds itself torn between preferring what is precise and what is simple, it remains the finest to follow the compassionate heart.

What we have been listening to is that the music has no boundaries. It is universal. It goes beyond the narrow thinking. It also has nothing to do with the problematic politics. Not long ago, Babul Supriyo, singer-turned-politician has given an idea about the stirring song, “Ishtehar” for the film Welcome to New York.

Incidentally, the song has been sung by a Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Had it not been sung by that singer, there would not be just the same exasperation. His tone could be an appealing assortment of nervousness and hesitation. His excitement jumped straight to the throat with a certain sense of annoyance.

The Bengal politician had aptly said that Pak singer’s voice must be removed and dubbed by some other singer. The reason behind this opposition which he has been considering right seemed to have raised only because of the escalating tension on the Indo-Pak border.

On the politician’s intention, the film’s director Chakri Toleti has yet not decided on the fate of the song’s version. Meanwhile, the composer Samir Tandon is said to have supported the Pak singer’s voice in the film.