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Mulayam Singh hits gym to get 60 inch chest after Narendra Modi's challenge

27, Jan 2014 By khaasaadmi

In a bizarre turn of events , Mulayam Singh Yadav (chairman of Majjawadi party, fondly known as Netaji among his followers) has accepted Narendra Modi’s challenge.

“Give me one month”

Narendra Modi in his Vijay sankalp rally at Gorakhpur has challenged Netaji saying that to turn UP into Gujarat you need a chest of 56 inches. Netaji who is a  well known former akhaada pehelvaan (mud wrestler) took this comment by Modi to his heart and has now decided to take on Modi’s challenge.

In a TV debate on Times Now (where guests are invited to listen to Arnab’s views), Majjawadi party spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia managed to propagate Netaji’s feelings on this sensitive issue. Among various sounds of cacophony on Amuse Hour, Gaurav said that Netaji has been deeply hurt by Modi’s comments and alleged Modi of having anti secular mindset. “Modi is not a secular person because he doesn’t care about chests of  average and smaller sizes. Netaji has now decided not only to work on to get a 56 inch chest but he will better it by 4 inches to embarrass Modi and BJP in general elections”.

On consistently being persisted for proof by Arnab, Gaurav reminded Arnab of “Saifai Mohatsav” where Netaji’s chest has already swollen by 10 inches after seeing Madhuri Dixit dance on  dhak dhak song.

Various ministers of Akhilesh government will also be following into footsteps of Netaji and work towards getting a 60 inch chest. Preparations for this have already started and a group of 20 ministers under leadership of Mazza Khan has been sent on a tour of Europe and UAE to meet chest experts and learn the techniques of chest development. Ministers who are physically weak and can’t work out on getting a larger chest are expected to undergo knife and get silicone implants to achieve their goals.

When Mazza Khan was asked that Majjwadi party leaders are going on a chest development tour when people in Muzzafarnagar camps are suffering and dying of cold , he replied, “This all is a media lie and camps are no lesser than luxurious pent house apartments. All the riot affected people are extremely happy and have been watching Salman & Madhuri perform live from “Saifai Mohatsav” on the LED’s provided to them. Children are also having such a great time at relief camps that they are not ready to go back to their original home”.