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Mulayam blames Modi for power cuts in UP

06, Jun 2014 By khakshar

With  the elections over and the new government fully saddled in power, some are  expecting “achche din“.

The start for the government has been good even by their bete-noire. The suave  spokesperson of “The not so official” opposition stated that the party could not find fault with the new government till date. The tag of ” Not so official” opposition is in vogue now as the main opposition party has failed to win minimum seats required to gain the status of making it official.

However, quite near to the seat of power some people are not feeling “achche din“. It is learnt that many in the famous blocks on both sides of Parliament are feeling the heat. This heat had abruptly increased in the famous official locality. It even led to servers and files catching fire on own just before the results were declared. This heat being felt by Babus is from under the chair than  from the weather change. Talking on oath of anonymity a Junior Secretary  blamed “El NaMo effect” for the sudden change in room temperatures. The “Met ” department has clarified that this sudden rise in temperature is a localized effect but should take long to subsidize. Medicos are of the view that this heat will be experienced more by the “Thick-Skinned”.

The Samajwadi Party Government of Uttar Pradesh, which always comes up with new unforeseen equations and reasons to justify their cadre are once again at it.

One of the many “Chachas” of Mr.Akhilesh Yadav has blamed Delhi for drawing more power from the Northern Grid. On asking for elaboration, he stated that  “El NaMo” had turned up the heat in Delhi especially near the “Raisina Hill” and “Luyens’ ” leading to heavy draw of power by Delhi. It in turn has led to a primitive like atmosphere of darkness in UP. He also cited the same as the reason behind the lawlessness in UP as police and administration were often blinded by darkness in the state.

Meanwhile at Rampur, the most famous “Chacha’ of the Chief Minister has instructed the local administration to fell all trees in vicinity of places where female kids in teens reside .