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Mukesh Ambani launches Khaas Aadmi Party to fight in general elections

16, Feb 2014 By mascot

Mukesh Ambani today announced to launch political party KAP(Khaas Aadmi Party) to fight in general elections. The action by mukesh ambani to make a new party is clearly his reaction against kejriwal’s recent anti Mukesh Ambani development. He said that Mallya and Adani has already joined the party and will also contest the elections.

Ambani said “Kejriwal blamed every politician as corrupt and when no more politician were left, he turned to corporate biggies to keep alive his anti-corruption propaganda. His Aam Aadmi Party has created a chaos in country. Because of him, now aam aadmi are being considered as more VIP than us.”

“Earlier i was confused what’s happening. Kejriwal won elections, became CM, but still said he is Aam Aadmi. I was watching tv, everywhere in the news was only kejriwal saying he is nothing, he is just a aam aadmi.” Ambani said, “Earlier people were talking about us (the real VIP’s), they want to live like us, we were their idols. And now everyone is talking about kejriwal, he is getting full day media attention. Even after he resigned, he said in front of thousand of his supporters, Main kon hun. I don’t understand how thousand of supporters will cheer for someone who is nothing.”

He continued “AAP only cares about aam aadmi. Aren’t we humans, aren’t we citizens of this country. We were clearly feeling sidelined by AAP. We are here to make things right again. We will tell people that Aam Aadmi exist because there are some khaas aadmi, otherwise there would have no Aam Aadmi Party.”

“We will not take any donations. We know a real aam aadmi has already so much burden on his head. Kejriwal had put more burder to ask for donation for the party. We want to end this. Kejriwal wants aam aadmi to remain aam aadmi. Our party will motivate them to become khaas aadmi.”

Many MNC’s has welcomed Ambani’s decision to launch KAP and has already started interviews of their executives to send them to join KAP. “We will only recruit khaas aadmi. Any person who has ever got atleast 10 mins of media attention by every channel is eligible to join KAP.”

Meanwhile, Kejriwal said “This is ridiculous, Congress and BJP were already in his pocket. There is no point to launch a new party. This is clearly an attempt to clear my accusations of BJP and Congress being together and controlled by Ambani.”

BJP and congress said that Ambani thinks that launching a political party is like organising a new year party. They will see the results after elections.

In the end, they disclose their party symbol, it’s “iPhone 5S”.