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MPs to fight for amendment to T-Bill, asks to include 13 more districts in next Lok Sabha

19, Feb 2014 By sarcasticscribe

After successfully introducing bill for re organization of Andhra Pradesh, some of the MPs from Seemandhra went to meet Rahul with a request for amendment to the newly introduced bill.

The request was to include 13 more districts along with the 10 districts currently proposed in the draft bill. CM Kiran suggested this amendment as the bill is just a draft bill and many changes can be accommodated before the final version is ready.

When the same has been discussed with Digvijay, he cheekily suggested the Mps to meet Modi as the current session cannot accommodate these. Digvijay who looked very tense said there are just 2 days left and we need to introduce bill to make Rahul as PM without any amendments.

BJP and left parties were supposed to be in favor to this amendment with a small change to exclude Guntur district which is famous for chilli powder. Now that pepper is not allowed chilli might be used is the common fear and the security is not equipped to fight against such latest weapons.

Unconfirmed sources had a chat with former actor and current MP who reportedly said that the current trend is sequels and T-Bill 2 will arrive in next season with same actors in different roles.