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MPs consumed 10000 kg of peanuts sitting under winter sun in Parliament lawns, as winter session washed out

17, Dec 2016 By Gaurav Mittal

An RTI query has revealed that during the washout of winter session of Parliament, MPs consumed 10,000 kg of peanuts while sitting in the winter sun in the lawns of Parliament. The winter session was washed out due to issue of demonetization. In Delhi, eating peanuts while sitting in the sun during months of December and January is the most common hobby of government employees, bureaucrats and politicians.

Outside parliament scene is not very different from inside
Outside parliament scene is not very different from inside

Apparently as soon as the proceedings of the two houses used to get adjourned, MPs would quickly come out in the lush green lawns of Parliament and would sit there for long hours in the winter sun, eat peanuts, share Whats App jokes with each other and even play cards. In this process they end up consuming around 10,000 kg of peanuts which the MPs used to order from the canteen in Parliament.

Maaliraam, who is a gardener in the lawns of Parliament told us, “Sahebs would come out by 11 AM and would order huge sacks of peanuts from canteen and by the time they would leave in the evening, there would be huge pile of trash in the garden which I had to clean. Sahebs would also play cards and sends Whats App jokes on demonetization to each other”.

An MP on condition of anonymity told us that he was having Vitamin-D deficiency but now after one full months of winter session washout which forced him to sit in sun he do not have that deficiency anymore. He also told us that it was great effort that MPs used to get Parliament adjourned because it is not easy to create a scene in house using the same topic of demonetization again and again. It would have been better to have winter session till end of year as now all the fun and food has gone.