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After MP fined for driving on the wrong side of road, Parliament proposes to change the road rules

31, Mar 2017 By gustavemahler

In a bizarre twist of events, the ruling party introduced a bill in the Lok Sabha today that sought to allow MPs to drive their vehicles on the right side of the road. The Speaker of the lower house Pumitra Mahajan when speaking to reporters during a press briefing today said that often times Members of Parliament need to go places quickly, and must not be impeded by banal things like road rules. “These days nobody follows traffic rules anyway, why should only MPs suffer in traffic when they can reach their destination sooner?”

"Be at wrongside on the road; but not in parliament ", warning angry Sumitra Mahajan
“Be at wrongside on the road; but not in parliament “, warning angry Sumitra Mahajan

The proposed bill not only allows MPs to drive on the wrong side “whenever they deem it necessary”, but also lends them immunity from legal action arising from any accidents as a result. Union Minister Varun Jaitley commented “It is the moral duty of every citizen of India to make way for MPs who are working tirelessly and selflessly for the betterment of the people.” The amended traffic rules also suspend any penalization against them in the event they make wrong turns, or drive the opposite way in one way streets.

Earlier last week, a hefty fine was levied on Shiv Sena MP Chavindra Gaikwad after he drove his SUV down the wrong side of a street in Lower Parel in Mumbai and collided with a Fiat Taxi. The elderly driver of the taxi was assaulted by the MP when he demanded compensation and an apology for the accident. The MP had later boasted that he had beaten the taxi driver with him slipper 25 times.

Speaking to Faking News later, the taxi driver lamented, “In our younger days, we drove vehicles with no power steering or ABS brakes or fancy accessories and still used to make sure that we drove in the correct lanes, parked on the correct side and followed the rules. Cars these days have all facilities and are of improved quality, why can’t our citizens drive responsibly any more?”

Protests have erupted in several parts of the country where the people are demanding that the government put a stop to the new trend of bills that seek to change laws which are inconvenient to authority figures and politicians.