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Moral Compasses of the media & political personalities

25, Aug 2014 By Mahesh Jagga

Moral Compass is the new fad in town.

Anybody who is somebody or even nobody, whether in media or in politics, whether a known figure or a figurehead, wants to own a compass. Though not many can afford the original, moral version, many procure a cheaper immoral type and get it retrofitted with some moralistic attachments. Some who cannot even afford a retrofit, just rename it. Faking News reporter was tasked to do a survey of the compasses owned by some important personalities.

Our first port of call in this quest was none other than Rajdeep Sardesai. He initially hesitated to show us his compass but eventually the tell-all mood prevailed (He is writing a book) and agreed to show it to us. It was rusted, damaged and looked like one which had not been used for decades. Though there had been attempts to clean it but the rust has a bad habit of damaging the morality, a bit permanently.


Rajdeep Sardesai’s Compass

Our next stop was Arnab Goswami. He proudly showed us his compass which was an example of fairness similar to what Arnab demonstrates in every breath, every sentence and every day. Which ever place you put this compass, whatever be its orientation, whatever be the magnetic field around it, it points to only one direction.

Arnab’s Compass

Our next stop was Ashutosh, journalist turned activist turned politician. It was also our way of avoiding being branded paid media. Ashutosh had not yet procured a compass but showed us the detailed design that has been given to the manufacturer. Same is reprinted here.

Ashutosh’s Compass

It is possible to save a piece of land from Vadhra but not possible to hide media scent from AAP volunteers. They smelled the potential coverage, reached within minutes and showed us their compass.  It did have many directions, some even abandoned ones but no pointer to tell them which direction to take.

AAP Compass

That was the time that our team got a call from Congress HQ. Their Vice President Rahul Gandhi wanted to show his compass to us. Though we were surprised that Congress VP who was once chased by media for one sound bite, one smile, one frown, one fumble too had to make an effort to stay relevant, we still felt honoured to be in his august presence. At his instruction, some congressmen brought in the compass and unveiled it for us.

Rahul Gandhi’s Compass

Our stunned silence was interrupted by his question, “I don’t think compass is required in Moral Science classes, why do you, then call it Moral Compass?”