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Modi's wave has drowned MH370: Sibbal

06, May 2014 By bankanaujawan

New Delhi. There was another high voltage drama at 10 Ganpat, when a congress leader told Faking News that Modi’s wave has drowned MH370.

“As earlier we were saying that there is no Modi wave across India, through our various sources we came to know that Modi’s wave was over Malaysia which ultimately drowned MH370,” claimed spokesperson Ganjay Jha.

Narendra Modi
Now behind MH370 drowning too.

Moreover Sibbal added that we all know Modi is a killer and  MH370 incident proves that Modi was behind 2002.

Having another reason to blame Modi for 2002, congressmen are very happy and all the spoke persons of Congress were on debate shows at News channel later that evening.

After all this Rahul requested Malasiyan and Chinese people to not to vote for Modi.

Krantikari people said that they will investigate about the matter and then will give comments on Twitter.