Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Modi's promise delivered: Yogi is the real bullet train

20, Apr 2017 By Vin

People may be expecting and looking up to Mr Prabhu for the Japanese bullet train. There have been lots of fast train trials happened in the past. Whole country were thinking whether delhi to agra train is the fastest or some other train.

Bullet train faster than the helicopter
Bullet train faster than the helicopter

There are some allegation from opposition that this is a fake promise because Indian soil is not suitable to build faster track especially in area like Rajasthan and Kutch.

Furthermore, what if somebody want to pull the chain for emergency break. Today travelers have fair idea on when to pull chain to stop the train right in from of their house door. With the new speed, there will be a huge learning curve for these innocent and regular travelers. This will be very demotivating and also implies, loss of revenue from these without ticket travelers.

Modi being somebody always thinking out of the box, came up with a win win situation for this. Instead of bringing the real train, he ended up investing his time focusing on uttar pradesh. When yogi got elected, he whispers in the ear of Mr Yadav, “Bullet train aa gaya”.

With the amount of work CM is doing in so less time, his speed has broken all the record of fastest bullet train. As a result, everybody now believes that the promise is delivered.