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Modiji becomes first PM to be exempted from filing IT return as he has stayed less than 180 days in India

25, May 2015 By dasu

New Delhi. NDA government which is celebrating it’s first anniversary this week got a surprise gift from IT department. As per the latest IT department notification, Modiji do not have to fill the cumbersome IT return form this year as he has stayed less than 180 days in India thanks to his timely foreign trips.

Unfortunately for Congress, Rahul Gandhi has to do this in spite of the heavy work load party has thrust upon him. For Rahul supporters, bigger concern is with almost no known source of income how he will match his expenditure.

Faking news spoke to some netizens of India who are forced to pay tax through TDS, they try their level best for saving little bit of tax by taking some LTA trips with their family to Ladakh in ambassador car or through the help of the local chemist medical bills. The worst part is like teachers asking after the session write what all you understood, you need to declare everything while filing return and seal with a digital signature to tell what you have written is only truth and nothing else.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi happy after getting the exemption

We met one such netizen Abhishek Jayswal who along with his family went for his maiden foreign trip to nearby Mauritius with his friend Ambar & his family. Abhishek is worried how to fill this new 35 page IT return this year “See, they are asking me to disclose what all I paid and what all my dear friend Ambar paid during our trip. Tell me who remembers all these crappy stuff once you are in a trip? Whether I paid for airpport cab or not, whether I paid to the golgappa bhai at Mauritius sea beach or Ambar paid. One thing I can recollect my friend being a bigger foodie, ate more golgappas than me.”

Abhishek continued by telling us “Do they want us to hire an accountant while going on a trip. Again that poor chap has to disclose all in his return as he also went for the trip. On top of this they are asking me to disclose all the bank accounts I hold. From my school and college time, I had many make up & break up with girlfriends. With some I used to hold joint accounts, now I do not have courage to ask them whether the accounts are still active, how much balance is there. Here in office due to my work load, I am struggling to have lunch, now I have to collect all these to file IT return.”

Abhishek concluded by saying, “For people like PM or Rahul G even if they forget, the media highlights what all they did and they have  enough people who can go through the footage and fill everything correctly. It’s people like us who have to suffer. They say pay tax aur karo relax. After paying so much tax what is left to do relax. Even after filling return on time, you get income tax notice. Last year I got a notice for my incorrect declaration for the year 2005-06. I do not remember who was my girlfriend in that year, how can I remember what was my source of income. Unfortunately this is something even my friend Google cannot help to find out quickly.”