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Modi visits Pluto, signs Energy Deal

17, Jul 2015 By mahagareebaadmiparty

New Delhi: On 16th of July, Prime Minister Modi, talking to twitter, tweeted about his visit to Pluto. Morning of July 17th, he landed at the Kuiper International Space Center in Pluto for his three day visit.

DISRO (Disco International & Sasti Research Organisation) has confirmed that Modi took the first Air Dandia space shuttle to Pluto as soon as NISA (National & International Saste Aeroplane) released the high resolution imagery of Pluto’s surface. Modi has also tweeted some photographs from Pluto to authorise his successful landing on Pluto.

According to PMO, Modi will spend three days there and meet the authorities to sign MOA’s and other agreements that will benefit India in a ‘larger than life’ way.

Narendra Modi
Modi after reaching Pluto

On his first day, Modi is supposed to meet the Plutonians and sign a deal for the Energy sector. This deal will enable India to buy Plutonium from Pluto at a much cheaper rate for the production of electricity, sources from @mahagareebaadmi confirmed.

The rate of Plutonium will be very very low, as Pluto is rich in Plutonium and they want to get rid of it to save themselves from radiation after effects. The rate of plutonium will be so less that the money will only be spent in transporting plutonium from Pluto to Delhi (India), Modi confirmed in a tweet.

“Our motto is to produce clean energy and this deal between India and Pluto regarding Plutonium is to only make India a developed nation in the energy sector. We do not intend on creating any Atom Bum bomb,” Modi said in a speech addressing the nation from Pluto.

On the second day, Modi will visit the Warrior’s Museum to pay his tribute to the freedom fighters who were responsible to initiate the war of independence of Pluto from NISA. Pluto was once under the rule of solar system and NISA was the agency that controlled the administration. These warriors fought the supremacy and today Pluto is a free planet, nation, thing, something.

On the third day, Modi will visit the Kuiper International Space Center in Pluto so that he can be launched back to India. This will take a full day, because, No Gravity Bitch. This tour will take 3 Pluto days and in India, one Pluto day equals 6 Earth days and 9 hours. So, all in all, Modi will have a calendar lag more than the jet lag and nothing else.

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