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Modi updates status as married, Rahul wants to update status as committed

14, Apr 2014 By rishi123

Forty five years after getting married, Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has disclosed/admitted to his marriage. Even though it is yet to be  ascertained as to why he was silent on the issue all this while, or why he actually abandoned the marriage, the Congress think tank, under Digvijaya Singh has already released press statements, as to the exact reason why it happened.

Rahul Gandhi Sleeves
Yes, I can.

“Unsurprisingly, the communal mined Modi has abandoned his wife only because she refused to wear the sari bearing his favourite colour, saffron. My very reliable sources have confirmed this,” said Digvijaya Singh, who was indeed having a festive mood in the whole revelation.

However, Prime Minister by right, Rahul Gandhi was confused as to why NaMo has given the name of wife as Jasodaben. “What is wrong with Modi? Why is he calling his wife as “Ben”, I believe “ben” means sister. I am really confused.” This was similar to the situation where he was agitated as to why ISRO launched mission to Mars when he had mentioned Jupiter in his speech. “Don’t they understand Jupiter is my favourite planet?” he had said.

Further, inspired by Modi owning up his marital status after four decades, Rahul was reportedly contemplating owning up a crush he had on his class mate when he was twelve years old. ” See, I had a huge crush on this girl when I was 12 years old. At least I am honest enough to own it up only thirty years later, unlike Modi who takes 45 years”  he said when asked the meaning of such thoughts.

It is reported that much against his wish Rahul decided not to report the school-crush in an affidavit in order to submit the same to the Election Commission.

However, he begged the EC to at least let him state that he was in a committed relationship. When asked if he really was having a relationship with a woman, he is reported to have replied, “I am committed to the idea of woman. See, like Congress, Naari ek soch hein.. woh hamare dil mein hein…”