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Modi to publish a book on "50 places to visit before you die"

10, Jul 2015 By Nitten Nair

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has finally revealed his ultimate passion to a group of reporters during his recent visit to Kazakhstan. He wishes to be an acclaimed travel writer and his foreign trips being a part of collecting material for this very purpose.

Mr. Modi who has traveled extensively since he has taken command of the nation (23 international trips till the date) was excited as he was close to reaching the halfway mark in his epic quest. He said, “For India as a nation to develop, we must be fearless and believe in our dreams. We should live with a single minded proposition to achieve that dream using whatever way possible as long as it is legal. India has always been a land of dreams but the previous governments have not supported the dreams of the common man.”

Narendra Modi's soon to be launched Book's Cover
Narendra Modi’s soon to be launched Book’s Cover

He went on to say that citizens of India should look at his achievements and be inspired as an ordinary tea boy is now almost halfway done with his dream to visit 50 countries. Narendra Modi, an active personality on the social media scene has openly posted picture of himself during his travels, including selfies with world leaders. He initially intended to transform his instagram account into a travel blog but many factors have prevented him from doing so. It is believed that sarcastic and aggressive comments from the opposition, especially Digvijay Singh, Mani Shankar Aiyer and Robert Vadra have prevented him from doing so.

“I can handle the opposition and their comments but what I cannot tolerate any more is Laloo Prasad Yadav commenting on every post and asking me – “Bhaisan ka kya bhav hai udhar”?”, Narendra Modi was quoted as saying. His travel itinerary for the year is already packed and he is expected to complete 30 destinations by the end of the year. He plans to complete his 50 locations by the May 2016 to commemorate 2 years in office and release his book by December 2016 to mark 1000 days as Prime Minister.

He ended his tete -e -tete with the reporters by saying, “Dreams of Indians should be limitless. We should not be depressed if it does not come true and keep working for it no matter how impossible it may seem. The opposition also believes in it, else why would Rahul Gandhi still dream that he can be Prime Minister of India? It is because even they believe that Ache Din Ayenge.”

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