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Modi to present a new bill to help malnutritioned kids after having a weird dream

10, Jul 2014 By nabeel

After getting to the PMO and taking charge as the PM of India, Mr Narendra Modi has taken his first big decision, he is going to present a revolutionary bill and is in highly determined for the bill to pass.

And the reason behind is unexpectedly a real interesting one . As quoted saying in a special press conference called by him, “I want to make this moment a revolutionary one and help the needy”.

Now not dragging this for more long lets get to the main part of the story: Yesterday night when Mr Modi was asleep he got a weird dream in which he saw a boy approaching towards him, he came to Mr Modi and told how Modi helped him gain strength. On hearing this Modi was a little confused as he do not remember helping any boy lately.

And so the boy continued, “you helped me by liking my picture of a boy suffering from malnutrition uploaded on a social networking site which said ‘one like = one prayer’ and now your like has made me a strong boy!”

Mr Modi  in his press-confrence continued by saying, “I am going to help more of this malnutritioned children by passing the revolutionary bill called as THE DHOKLA BILL.”

According to the bill all the Cabinet Ministers, MPs , MLAs, and politicians of highest levels or any good position, should have to pay some amount to the Government which will be used by the Government to make Dhoklas containing high nutrition and will be distributed among the poor malnutritioned children.

Modi has promised this children that he is going to pass this bill at any cost and requested the opposition to help him in this cause. He wrapped up the press-conference by appealing to the users of social networking site to like the photos of any such needy people as their like may bring a new life to that person.

We wish Narendra Modi luck for this noble cause .