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Modi takes storming action on high temperatures in New Delhi

03, Jun 2014 By brahmabhagwan

The BJP supremo Narendra Modi has been making all the right moves ever since his he has been sworn in as the PM and moved to 7RCR. He seems to be getting everything right as well, be the managing to get Sonia and Rahul to his swearing in ceremony or the unspeakable punishment to his Pakistani counterpart by seating him for almost 2 hours between the ex-PM Man Mohan Singh and his wife.

It is speculated that firing along the LOC by Pakistani army was a form of protest against this gruesome punishment. Hats off to Mr Sharif for not complaining himself even once which has been considered as a major diplomatic win for India. Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi who were also present and seated way behind were relieved to be so far off from the Ex-PM but could not help cursing themselves for not thinking about this brilliant idea when they were in power themselves.

They both seemed very happy throughout the ceremony, apart from the occasion nudges and “I told you so”, “watch and learn” glances by Sonia towards Rahul. Rahul however, was in his own hairy world and was found busy scratching his beard which, trusted sources claim, is rat infested.

One of the claims which NaMo had made during this speech to the BJP working party, before getting sentimental, was to take action on the soaring temperatures in New Delhi. It is worth noting that the citizens of Delhi have been complaining about the harsh weather to Dr. Harshwardhan for a long time now but he along with Sheila Dikshit had joined hands and confirmed that the weather could not be changed. They claimed that nature cannot be influenced. Arvind Kejriwal however has filed a case on Dr Harshwardhan in the court of god (since no other court was willing to accept) and also managed to sit on a dharna one whole afternoon in the sun to protest against the sun. Internal sources say that AAP party workers  including Shazia Ilmi didn’t approve of dharna politics at all, since this kind of protest was damaging her complexion.

Today the weather has changed drastically, the temperatures are down and it is also raining. NaMo has already tweeted ask the citizens if this is enough or if they would like to have some snow as well. 70% of the citizens have voted for hail stones but keeping in view the relationship with the power companies, a decision has been made to not lower the temperatures any further which has the potential of reducing the use of AC/ coolers and fans thereby reducing power consumption. BJP leaders are wholeheartedly accepting the congratulations give to them by the aam aadmi of delhi and they all feel very blessed that NaMo has delivered on his weather promise. This is just the start they say and in the coming 100 days best is yet to come.

Congress, AAP, BSP, JDU, RJD and all the other parties have denied any credit to Modi saying that this is all due to the landing and taking off of the Airbus A380 in New Delhi, the huge airplane is known to have 4 huge engines and the new pilot who was in charge of the plane did not know that he could turn them all on at one time. The airline company has maintained silence on this issue and have offered to investigate the black box for this information.

All the citizens are happy and cant stop repeating “Acche din aagayee…”