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Modi returns from honeymoon; opposition wants every minute detail of the trip

18, Sep 2014 By Mantosh

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned from his honeymoon trip on Tuesday. He spent more than 100 days on the trip before realizing that honeymoons are not forever. He was welcomed with the by poll election results upon his returning.

During this period, he visited some foreign countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Brazil and Japan. The opposition has sought the details of all these visits to analyze the honeymoon period of Mr. Prime Minister.

Narendra Modi
“I am back mitron”

Veteran leader Digvijay Singh who was recently in news for some leaked photos questioned whether Modi’s Acche Din came during this period. It is believed that Singh’s Acche Din is slated to come soon with his own marriage.

When Prime Minister Modi was asked about the by poll results, he did not speak much but vowed to return to the customary way of government running which the Indians are accustomed to.

Mitron, mai shaadi karne ke baad bhi avivahit raha aapke liye.  Ye bipaksh wale nahi chatey ki kisi ka ghar bas jaye. Iska jita jagta udaharn hai Rahul baba,” Mr. Modi told the media. (Friends, I chose to be a bachelor even after my marriage for you people. The opposition does not want that someone be happily married. Rahul baba is a live example of this.)

Faking news tried to contact Mamta Didi and Miss Mayawati over this Honeymoon controversy. While Mamta Didi did not respond to our calls, Miss Mayawati told that she had no idea about this Honeymoon controversy. She also told our correspondent that she had not been in government formation at the center so she would not comment.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad tweeted, “People should nt comment on such private matters. The opposition had six decades long Honeymoon nd nw u see the population of India. Nt fair.”

Within a second after this tweet, Mr. Kejriwal tweeted, “It is very shocking that ministers are misusing their powers. How can one tweet more than 140 characters. Ravi’s tweet has 141. Dis is scam.”

Before this war of words could aggravate, like in every Indian household; it was intervened by the neighbors.

The president of China Mr. 11 Jinping (Xi Jinping in Chinese) is on a three day visit to India. It is not clear whether Jinping’s this visit comes under Honeymoon trip or not because Jinping has brought a large number of family members on this tour along with his wife. Most of these family members are resting in the Ladakh area when report last came in.