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Modi responsible for massive job loss claims Sanjay Jha

15, Oct 2014 By chandutwitz

Delhi. Criticising Indian PM Narendra Modi for doing opposite of what he said, Sanjay Jha today criticised him saying he was responsible for the down sizing of  Nokia and Yahoo.

When prompted that it had more to do with other factors, Sanjay Jha shrugged off saying Modi was any way responsible for it and also cited many examples of people losing their jobs owing to Modi.

Sanjay Jha
“Yes, it’s true”

Prominent examples he cited included Shahsi Tharoor, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose and Kevin Pietersen. Shashi Tharoor had recently been removed as the spokesperson of  Congress owing to his positive commentary on PMs trip to USA . He denied it had any thing to do with negative reactions surrounding the death of  Sunanda Pushkar and that it was purely Modi’s doing. He was specifically critical that Tharoor, who claims to be a staunch Congressman, did not know the script which requires them to brand every Modi activity a PR stunt, and to talk of 2002 Gujarat riots.

He was also critical of Modi shutting down HMT, Ambassdor saying that providing jobs for Aam Aadmi was more important than the GDP growth, fiscal deficit or economic prudence.

Sanjay Jha  pointed out how previous governments continued to run loss making entities like British India corporation despite being named possibly the worst company in the world.  The company had 1800 employees on payroll doing nothing while still getting bonuses. Sanjay Jha also demanded  resignation of Modi  from the PM post as only 31 % (+8 for allies ) had voted for him. In this way, he pointed that Modi could perversely create jobs to MPs and MLAs (besides getting more credibility like Kejriwal )who had become jobless because of the non-existent Modi wave.

In yet another blow to Modi, Rajdeep Sardesai had refused to be drawn into the controversy saying that the RSS trolls were abusive, classless trolls and he would rather be not drawn into the whole issue despite being at the receive end of losing jobs. Sagarika Ghose however claimed that the Internet Hindus were responsible for  the loss of jobs of biased unbiased  media as they had started setting up their own news channels and magazines.