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Modi pulls out flash-drive without running "Safely Remove Hardware" option, Kejriwal accuses him of data corruption

10, May 2016 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi. In what is being regarded as stalking of the highest order, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has stalked PM Modi by placing a secret camera in the PMO and observing his governance for possible corruption.

After observing him for several weeks, Kejriwal found that Modi forgot to click on “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in system-tray before removing his USB flash-drive from system.

“Blaming Modi for removing the USB drive abruptly.”
“Blaming Modi for removing the USB drive abruptly.”

“Data corruption is one of the biggest issues in web world and it should be dealt with strictly by the government. What if country’s important documents were lost while removing USB drives from PMO systems? Pulling out a flash-drive abruptly is like bribing the system to mishandle data; this clearly amounts to corruption. Also, I’m sure this unsafe option is a ‘setting’ between BJP and Congress to persist at-least one form of corruption”, Kejriwal said in a Krantikaari tone to one of our reporters.

When asked by our reporters on the 370 page proof of Shila Dikshit, Kejriwal said, “Yes, we lost the data but not while removing hardware. It was because my servants sold the proofs to a Raddiwala thinking they were old newspapers.”

Our sources from the PMO say that their systems are equipped with quick removal policy for flash drives, letting the users pull them out at will without causing any harm to data.