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Modi to Melania: ''Meri chaathi 56 inchi hai'' Melania grins

30, Jun 2017 By crazyfeku

Washington DC: PM Modi is on a state visit to the United States to meet the United States President.This is the first time the Indian PM will be meeting the American POTUS face to face.

All the best Melania ji
All the best Melania ji

Modi known globally for his bear hugs and charisma, enthralled the White house audience this morning with his sermons and yoga tips. At the working dinner hosted by the President in the evening, Donald Trump was accompanied by the first lady, Melania Trump.

It is reported that as soon as Donald Trump entered the banquet hall, PM Modi lurged ahead to bear hug the POTUS. The American president was stunned at this development but was seen trying to get out of the death grip.

Later, while talking to the beautiful first lady Melania, PM Modi is his usual style said “Do you know Melania ji, my chest is 56 inches large” with both, a sense of satisfaction and a question mark on this face. To this, the first lady looked greatly embarrassed and was seen blushing throughout the evening.