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Modi ji to share "How to be a Bhakt" manual on Mann ki baat

22, Apr 2017 By bumbegum

Delhi, India: After repeated requests by people on social media, our honourable prime minister, Mr.Narendra Modi Ji, has decided to conduct a guide on “How to become a bhakt” on Mann ki baat.

PM Modi explaining the parameters of ideal Bhaktism
PM Modi explaining the parameters of ideal Bhaktism

The manual is expected to contain steps to qualify as an official “Bhakt” on social media. Mr. Modi will guide all the listeners, sharing the points from his rule book, which contains 101 rules that Bhakts need to abide by.

Modi Ji, with the help of Mr.Amit shah, has finally arrived at certain ground rules that the social media bhakts need to follow. The 101 rule manual is sacred and will also go in print after it airs on Mann ki baat.

Many people have come forward to show their excitement to finally get their hands on the official bhakt guide. “This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. There have been times where I have tried to thrash and abuse people on social media but they have saved themselves by using #ModiKiJai and #AcheDinAaGaye hashtags and hide their real opinions and have used their questioning right in democracy, which is against our Bhakt ideology. Finally I can sue these people if they don’t follow the rule book, and now they can’t mask themselves as fake Bhakts. This comes as a relief to us!”, said a young fellow covered in saffron clothing.

The hashtag #bhaktguide has been trending highly on Facebook and Twitter and people are eagerly waiting for the Mann ki baat episode.