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Modi invites Shashi Tharoor to join him in Congress Mukt Bharat Campaign

14, Oct 2014 By krantikari_yeda

After successfully inviting Shashi Tharoor for creating awareness among youngsters to vote during elections and Swachh Bharat campaign, now Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited him to join Congress Mukt Bharat campaign.

In a rather strategic move Modi has called him to help in his dream project to make India Congress Mukt so that he can happily continue his campaigning for BJP in all the upcoming elections while his 3D projection works in New Delhi.

When Faking News contacted Narendra Modi, he said, “Mere pyaare media ke mitr, mera agenda simple hai Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. Maine jab suna ki Tharoor ji ko Congress ne nikaal diya toh maine turant hi unko mere naye abhiyaan ke liye aamantrit kar diya. Mera toh ye sapna raha hai ki iss desh ko Congress Mukt banayen aur yahi toh androoni uddeshya hai mere swachh bharat ka. Aur mujhe poorna vishwas hai ki mera yeh sapna bhi apne sava sau karod desh vaasiyon ke liye poora karunga.”

Ha Ha Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas

This invitation by Modi has not gone well with the congress party and their new spokesperson Sanjay Jha has been very critical on this matter. While speaking exclusively with Times Now Faking News he said, “This is really an unethical step, being a responsible PM his job is to keep quiet and just quiet just like our ex-PM, I mean he is now on the verge of dividing the secular Congress party also. Shashi Tharoor has already faced the brunt of supporting Modi, this time if he accepts the invitation then he will be made spokesperson of Rahul Gandhi and not the Indian National Congress”.

When the reporter asked what Mr. Tharoor has to do to come out clean in the Congress party he said, “Initially we gave him the punishment to write Rahul Gandhi is a visionary leader 1000 times and he took it gracefully, so we reduced his punishment by just sacking him from the post. But if he wants to get back as the Spokesperson of the Congress and not Rahul Gandhi then he need to compose 100 tweets against Modi right now, because 1 tweet against Modi is equal to praising Rahul Gandhi 1000 times and that is what everybody does in the Newshour and other channels”.

Meanwhile Shashi Tharoor was unable for the comment, but sources close to Faking News said that he is planning to write his auto-biography and reveal all the secrets about Congress Party.