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Modi government to recruit cabinet ministers through campus placement at IITs

12, Nov 2014 By toppr

New Delhi. To compensate for the lack of available talent and bench strength in the Modi cabinet, there are strong reports to suggest that the next set of cabinet ministers could be recruited directly from campus placements at IITs.

Hand picking party loyalists had given rise to a lot of ego clashes which disrupted the hierarchy and thus the government felt it would be better to hire talented outsiders without any baggage of corruption. Experience of bunking classes which is quite similar to boycotting the parliament would be an added advantage.


The Prime Minister’s Office is directly in touch with the placement coordinators and a final CTG (Cost to Government) is being worked out.

Placement coordinator at one of the IITs who did not want his identity revealed confirms this development and adds, “We are in talks with the government but there was a break down over the slot. We wanted to give them a day 2 slot behind Flipkart and Snapdeal since these companies are paying much higher.”

But he seemed confident of reaching a settlement by inflating the CTGs and including foreign travel fairs, Lal Battis and tax breaks.

This report comes a day after two IIT Alumni took oath in Modi’s Cabinet including Manohar Parrikar and Jayant Sinha. Manohar Parikar who is now a Defence Minister was an alumnus of IIT Bombay and the chief minister of Goa. Analysts have been complaining about the lack of talent in the Modi cabinet and this seems like the perfect way to attract the right talent in the government.

Recent IIT JEE aspirants are extremely excited about the prospect of working with Mr Modi and have boosted their JEE preparation by using online exam prep platforms along the lines of government’s Digital India Initiative. There are rumors which suggest that the recruited ministers would be given Rajya Sabha berths from the respective states where their IIT is located.

There is a lot of reported competition for key job profiles mainly the HRD and External Affairs Ministry. Students are looking forward to working with Smriti Irani and introducing coed hostels and separate messes for drinkers and non drinkers. Also, removing attendance seems quite an interesting prospect to them to be forever itched in the history of their institute. The excitement for external affairs ministry just comes from its name and the lack of understanding of what it actually does. But traveling to different countries with Mr Modi and munching on some Gujrati snacks on the plane is surely an attractive perk.

The Shiv Sena seems extremely upset by this development as their MPs would be ignored again and have asked them to enroll their kids for JEE preparation so that they can get a back door entry like Mr Suresh Prabhu.

Sanjay Jha of the Congress Party while criticizing this decision of the government said, “Mr Modi is trying to communalize the situation at the IITs by starting an unhealthy competition and making fake promises to JEE aspirants.” Mr. Rahul Gandhi was not available for a comment at the time of writing this article.