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Modi government signs deal to manufacture French Kiss in India

13, Apr 2015 By shridhar

New Delhi: Modi government today achieved something that no other country has managed. Modi government signed an agreement for technology transfer to manufacture French kiss in India. French President approved the deal after India agreed to buy 36 Rafale fighter jets off the shelf from French company Dassault.

Manufacturing varieties of French Kiss under Make In India
Manufacturing varieties of French Kiss under Make In India

This comes as a huge boost to Make In India as India will only be the second country to manufacture French Kiss after France. Bill Clinton was the first person to call Modi and congratulate. He also has reportedly placed an order of 1,00,000 French Kisses. Many French citizens were really angry after this deal. One guy on street named Lbuof Louisqwef (I couldn’t pronounce either) said “This was one thing that was completely French and we were really proud of it. I am feeling sad that this deal happened.”

Many religious organizations have expressed their reservations against this move by Modi government. There were many protests that were held against this move. One of the spokes persons Culture Kumar said “Why manufacture such Ashleel things in our country? Now all the youngsters will get it very easily in the market and they will all learn Ashleel things”.

Heavy Industries Ministry issued a statement “Young people of India will be the major beneficiaries of this deal. Young Indians have an insatiable hunger for French Kiss and this can be satisfied after the manufacturing starts in India. Manufacturing French Kiss in India also means the prices will be lowered”. Considering huge number of jobs this will create many colleges are planning to start a degree “Bachelor of French Kiss”.

Congress was not far behind to take the credit for this deal. Digvijay Singh issued a statement “This whole deal was initiated during the UPA government. This was Rahulji’s Idea. In his absence Modi went to France and has taken all the credit for it”. 

To celebrate this feat Honey Singh and Mika are reportedly working on a new song “Pappi Jhappi nahi baby, French Kiss Dunga mein”.