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Modi finally halts GRE preparation

19, May 2014 By Agnel

After being glued to his TV from 5am on May 16th, 2014, Modi finally has called his GRE Tutorial center that he would be discontinuing classes with immediate effect.

Modi Mobile
No more tutions.

Known for his immaculate planning Modi had planned to apply for a Student (F1) visa to the US – just like any Tea Seller or Aam Aadmi(oops!!) from Gujarat. For this he has been undergoing rigorous training and had been brushing up his Quantitative as well as Verbal skills.

It is being rumored he used his travel time in helicopters between rallies to revise on material that the institute provided him with and would stay up late into the night to give mock tests. It also being said that Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi has been providing him guidance in learning words and writing exquisite essays.

After it was learnt that now he would be the Prime Minister of the Worlds Largest Democracy – Modi gave out his impish grin before calling The Haridwar Review(Indian GRE Institute) and letting them know that he would no more be on their rolls. This action is said to be out of the fact that now no country could reject a visa for the TsuNaMo.

It is said Arvind Kejriwal is a semi-alumnus of the same institute but quit prematurely because he was made to sit on the chair and they spoke a lot in English – which according to him is not the language of the masses and protested that classes be held in Mandarin – given it was the most widely spoken language in the world.