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Modi fan who switched to AAP diagnosed with mental disorder, lashes out

02, Apr 2014 By ankitselfdeprecated

NEW DELHI: The AIIMS psychiatry ward was witness to very erratic behavior by Navin Sharma, a 23 old AAP supporter, who wrecked flower pots. A doctor from the psychiatry ward who was treating him spoke to the media on the condition of anonymity, “The patient has been diagnosed with a delusion inducing psychotic disorder and is in the clinical phase of denial.”

The Fan

Later in the day reporters spotted a calm Navin sitting outside AIIMS with a placard “Peaceful dharna against the bikau department of Psychology which is a pseudo-scientific discipline”. The next morning the staff reported more pots being broken which Navin furiously continues to deny being responsible for and alleges a conspiracy “Arre yaar media biki hui hai, sab kuch bikau hai“, he said justifying his U-Turn, while refusing to take anti-depressants.

His concerned parents report Navin used to be an avid Narendra Modi fan, following his speeches around the country. He was known in his community for punching kittens and stalking couples in the park right afterward. In the course of the campaign when Modi failed to make any charged statements and spoke only of development, Navin grew disoriented. Convinced the man no longer embodied the revolutionary spirit, he looked elsewhere to give vent to his inner chaos.

“It was during the street battles in Delhi when he bought a poster of Arvind Kejriwal in a wet shirt,” His concerned father said. In the next few months, Navin got water-cannoned, courted arrest and pillion rode around Delhi without a helmet and on one occasion even got into a brawl with the police. At home he would often pace around his room, talking to himself, mumbling unintelligible psychobabble like “Crony Capitalism is responsible for my mess”.

What reportedly exacerbated his mental condition was the breakup with his girlfriend.

“We did not break up. I dumped him,” she clarified, when reporters traced her down “I do not think he has any mental issues. He just likes being the center of attention and generally being an asshole. Once when he got angry for no reason, I sarcastically asked him why he was running away from taking responsibility for his life and whether he had skipped taking his pills – he flew into a blind rage accusing me of cheating and being corrupt.”

Upon last check, Navin was not known to be taking mood lifters but depressants like Alcohol. He is however found sloganeering and accosting strangers in metro rides. When confronted with his girlfriend’s words he said, “She just can’t deal with my free-spirited nature, or the fact that chicks dig my swag, chicks dig a rebel!”

Efforts are being made to rehabilitate Navin and get him to attend college, even though he is planning a trip to Varanasi with like minded individuals.