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Modi demands separate state for people of Gujarat

06, Sep 2013 By murderface

The Gujarat Chief Narendra Modi has made an official demand to the Government of India seeking a separate state for Gujaratis since they form a different culture and tradition from rest of India. He made the demand during a speech on the eve of Raksha Bandan addressing a crowd of over 10,000. “We Gujaratis are different. We are Hindus and therefore we are Hindu Nationalists. So we need a separate state,” Modi stated.

Following the footsteps of Telangana , Modi has triggered a wave among his supporters especially among the youth which he is confident would lead to formation of a new state.”If Telangana can have a new state, why can’t the people of Gujarat have the same? Why is the UPA always ignoring our request?” Modi’s question to the center evoked an enormous uproar.

Modi’s recent speech has been discussed as thought provoking by both youngsters and elders equally. “We are Hindus, So we are Hindu- Nationalists. So we are culturally different. Why can’t we have our separate state? I’m sure our leader will win it for us,” says an enthusiastic 19 year old who is confident that Narendra Modi is the future Prime-minister of Hindustan. ┬áModi has high regards for KCR who fought for the people of Telangana and won them their new state. ” I would like to give KCR a huge hug for fighting for his people and winning them their holy land. In the same way I will win the people of Gujarat a separate state and I will become both the chief minister as well as the prime minister of the country,” Modi added.

On being asked by a reporter if Gujarat is already a separate state, Modi replied by saying that he would to see the reporter personally in his chamber for the answer.