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Modi behind 1947 partition violence?

07, May 2014 By none

Ink hasn’t dried on the news about Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, indicating Narendra Modi behind recent Assam riots.

Worried Modi.

Worst riots in human history, partition violence of 1947 are now blamed to Narendra Modi if our sources are to be believed. Here is the interview by yours forever, ‘None’:

None: “Sir, how can you claim that partition violence was instigated by Modi?”

Source: “Modi is violence. Modi is anti-secular. Modi is anti-Muslim. The worse the violence hurting Muslims, more Modi is involved. Millions died and were raped in 1947. Either Genghis Khan or Modi must be behind such ghastly crime against secularism that is Muslims! ”

None:  “But sir, how could Modi, who was born in 1950, could have caused riots in 1947, 3 years before his birth?”

Source: “Haven’t you read ‘Coming Events Cast their Shadows before’?”

None: “But sir, Rahul Gandhi too was born after partition riots!”

Source: “That is why Muslims are still thriving in India! Long live secularism!”

None: “But sir, nobody before has blamed Modi. Not even historians like Romila Thapar!”

Source: “History is about distorted facts. If Romila Thapar hasn’t blamed Modi, we should have her DNA tested. If DNA doesn’t show anything wrong, she must be an Adani agent.”

None: “But sir, even Pakistan hasn’t blamed …”

Source (chuckles): “Do you expect Pakistan to make any rational argument?”

None: “But sir, there were individual Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims who took blames for the violence!”

Source: “Modi actually caused almost all Hindus, 20% of the population of pre-independence Pakistan, to flee to India for communal polarization. Today that population is the biggest vote bank of BJP! Modi even paid Ambani money to fix matches in which Pakistan won and caused violence in the country when Dhirubhai was selling petroleum in Ankara and Modi tea in Vadnagar. I tell you, that man is the root of all the evil.”

None: “But sir, how rational is it to put cause in future and effect in past? Isn’t it scientifically wrong?”

Source: “Science is progressing. Nobody believed in action at a distance – Newton made us believe. If Modi can instigate violence 2,000 km away in Assam, he can as well instigate violence away in the fourth dimension that is time. Faking News should arrange for an interview with Ramer Pillai, your in-house scientist.”

None: “Sir, do you believe in scientific progress?”

Source: “Of course. Secular parties have patented the word “Progress” and its antonym. Eventually secular science will advance enough to indict Modi not only for violence against Muslims at the time of partition in 1947 but also for the war of Karbala! Across space, across time, evil is evil. Period.”