Friday, 20th April, 2018

Modi announces Photoshop Academy. Will take over as Principal if not elected PM

24, Apr 2014 By dkrgod

Mr. Modi, the PM candidate of BJ Party, announced on April 20th (4/20 day) that he has founded a Photoshop academy called Modi Art & Design Centre (MAD Centre) in Surat. The mission statement is “Surat to Khoobsurat, Digitally.”

Our correspondent spoke to Mr. Shah, a close aide of Mr. Modi. He said, “We employed a lot of photoshop experts to edit pictures of Gujarat before the elections. We didn’t want them to be unemployed post elections. Staying true to our promise of creating jobs, we will offer them teaching roles at MAD Centre.”

The website for the academy launched 2 days ago has already received over a billion hits. Mr. Shah said of the achievement, “TIME was blocking our bots from voting in their poll so we diverted some of them to our MAD Centre website. We also used some of them to get #DareToMAD to trend in India for one full day.”

“We have received a million applications too. And over 100 of them are genuine. We could guess because they were all from engineers who wanted to learn how to remove clothes off Bollywood actresses.”, added Mr. Shah.

Mr. Modi is expected to take over as the Principal in the odd event that he is not elected PM due to real votes cast by real people. In case Modi wins, the academy is considering management guru and ponytail enthusiast Mr. A Chaudhari as a likely candidate for Principal. Our sources say Mr. A Chaudhari wants the name to be changed to “Indian Institute of Photoshop Marketing (IIPM).”

Both Mr. Modi and Mr. A Chaudhari were unavailable for comment as they were busy making up employment numbers to post on their respective websites.