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Modi: A person behind everything that happens in India and nearby

13, May 2015 By amit30

Nepal earthquake, also known as the Gorkha earthquake, stirred the whole world on 25 April, 11:56 Nepal Standard Time, with a 7.8Mw [magnitude]. It causes a heavy loss to humanity. May The Almighty give power to all the beings who are suffering this! God bless them.

In this time, the whole world initiated the relief work quickly. Mr. Narendra Modi tweeted about this sad news five minutes before the earthquake jolts (even Nepal’s Prime Minister Sushil Koirala came to know about the temblor though the tweets of his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi0 and sent the first relief aid and materials.

After this event, the whole Nepal as well as many Indian states are feeling earthquake jolts very occasionally. In the meantime, Salman Bhai also felt many jolts of the conviction in Hit and Run case 2002 [yes, the same time when Godhara Massacre happened in Modi ruled state] by lower court, shed many valuable tears, got the pre bail and more surprisingly was not found guilty by the high court [just after two days]. Following this incident, we saw many actors and politicians, meeting Bhai at his home and Bhai was also seen waving his beautiful hands [the same hands which he always use for car driving] to his fans and thanking them for their valuable support in such a distressful condition. We also find treasurable tweets from well-known singer Charanjeet and director Sarah Khan in this regard.

On 11th May 2015, a traffic constable was found attacking a woman with a brick in Delhi after she refused to pay some bribe to him. The traffic constable said that he has got orders from above. Indirectly taking the name of Modi only. A friendly wresting fight in the street at Panju-shahi, Miralam Mandi (Hyderabad) turned into a tragedy after the death of one of them, who got hit by his friend. Sources said they were fighting over an issue of Swachh Bharat.

There was a road Jam on Mahatma Gandhi Road, Banglore for two hours as one boy was singing a famous song “Ek tha Gul aur Ek thi Bulbul” of his favorite actor Shashi Kapoor starrer Jab Jab Phool Khile. His favorite actor received Dada Saheb Phalke Award 12th May 2015. He said as his first remark “Mere paas Modi hae”. On 11th May 2015, the one and only National Didi, Jayalalitha also got the clear chit from the high court in the southern state of Karnataka in the corruption of more than $10m (£6.4m). BBC Reports from the courtroom said the judge took “10 seconds” to deliver the verdict.

Bombay Velvet, a Ranbir Kapoor-Anushka Sharma starrer movie, has got U/A certification from the Revising Committee of Central Board of Film Certification. Many Journalists/Intellectuals/NGOs are saying that the present #PMIndia Mr. Narendra Modi is behind all these incidents. He is governing all these works. ‘Modi is hitting hard to curb and control the media, the theatre, the judiciary, the social life, the award functions and other public institutions’ said a CPM activist KJ Banerjee. In another interview AAP member Kumar Dhanyawaad remarked in a poetic mood ‘torturing people on the name of love jihad, vandalising church in many place, making Gita a part of our study, Cow ban, stopping valentine day celebration,gharwaapsi of Kashmir Pandits.

All these incidents are just some of the power resolutions of our beloved (while smiling) PM. Sardar Kirat Maan, his counterpart from Bhatinda, Punjab further added, ‘we have all proofs that PM is indulged in all important court decisions, either it is of Bhai or of Jayalalitha. We are quite hopeful that Satyam head will also get no punishment. Asaram is next in the line. The judge who gave the clean chit to Amit Shah is being rewarded by the post of governor of Kerala. This is just the beginning of acche din. Even if Dawood Salim come and do surrender, he will also not get any punishment and will walk free. He may even participate in elections later. All of this is happening because of Modi’.

Mr. Aalu Prasad Yadav said recently to Faking news ‘hum bhi court jayegae, aur appeal karegae ki hamri galtiya bhi maaf ki jaye. Humko bhi chunaav ladna hae patna se’. After the Hyderabad incident, a local leader said “మోడీ ఈ సంఘటన వెనుక కారణం (Modi is the reason behind this incident)”. ‘The whole India is in chaos because of only one person i.e. Modi. He only sent me to holidays in a school bus, although I enjoyed there a lot and it was fun’, Pahul Gandhi stated to our reporter showing a V sign with his fingers. On being asked about all these things, one of BJP supporter Girjalaal Taawde said ‘it is shear jealousy of all the opposition parties. The whole nation is developing and the world is watching us. Jai Hind.”