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MNS workers awarded Padma Vibhushan for burning own car

04, Mar 2013 By khabrilal

It has been learnt from reliable government sources that MNS workers who bought a car to burn it down later as mark of protest will be awarded this year’s Pedma Veebheeshan awards.

The decision apparently was taken for their new and innovative thinking to damage and arson their own goods rather than others. “Desh ka jagook nagrik, apni car jalaye”, is the slogan which will soon appear in all government ads to promote the practice. They hope that this will educate our youth and citizens not to burn buses, trains etc but their own cars.

In the peace loving and non violent land of India, where it is a daily practice to burn something or someone to register a protest, damaging own property instead of others is something unheard of.  These workers could have damaged and burnt any other car but they first bought one from their own money and then they set it fire. Some people have objected to the awards saying this will encourage people to arson as a way of protest. Some of them have requested the government to keep it hold till it is confirmed that the money which was used to purchase the car was indeed theirs and it was not a hafta money collected from others.

Whatever others may say, they have shown courage and resisted the urge to damage government and public property tweeted Ek Tha Roor, a minister in the government. This is a positive development, he added. Our bollywood reporter has learnt that AK is preparing a special episode of SaatMeva Jayanti on the topic. SEE AAM, the automobile manufacturers society has welcomed the move.

They have released a press note which says that awards for such people and their practice will encourage more and more people to buy second hand cars and then burn them. With second hand cars going out of market people will be forced to buy new cars.This will encourage demand, boost manufacturing, create jobs and make india a net exporter of second hand cars to other neighboring countries as well when they catch up with the trend.

When our corresponded asked the leader of the group about the inspiration behind this brainwave, he squarely pointed to the picture of M K Gandhi kept in his office. Mahatma believed that we should torture ourselves and our bodies and no the others. We should not hit others but ourselves. Instead of fighting others, we should fight with ourselves. Gandhiji asked people to come and burn their own clothes and not others clothes. Carrying the core philosophy forwards, we said, we should burn our cars and not others. I am thankful to the government which has realized that what we are doing is in fact good for the country and economy.

He also added that they have created a facebook page for spreading the message to the youth of the country. Their video on VeeTube has garnered 1 million hits so far, he added which indicates that people are supporting the philosophy of the movement.

Government plans to create a concrete replica of the burning car for installing near the India Gate to remind people that they should take the lead and burn their cars. Deliberations are on to decide which day to declare BYOC day, that is burn your own car day.