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MNS claims responsibility for crashing Chetan Bhagat's website, to restrain Biharis from sympathizing themselves with it

09, Aug 2014 By Apurva

Mumbai. Author Chetan Bhagat’s new novel, a love story, is due for release. He has also released the first chapter of the book on his site. Some time after making the announcement, Bhagat also tweeted about how his website got crashed on the very first day of its release.

His upcoming novel revolves around a love story of a Bihari boy, Madhav. Like many other Bihari boys, his poor English is main obstacle between him and his love story. After narrating feelings of the call center employees and IIT aspirants who could not make it to IIT, this time Chetan Bhagat has touched the souls of the natives of Bihar. And looks like for the same reason Chetan Bhagat has attracted agitation of MNS towards his new novel Half Girlfirend.

Meanwhile, after crashing down this site, MNS chief Raj Thackeray has accepted the responsibility for crashing the website. He and his fellow Party Members think of this book as a plain act of showing sympathy towards Biharis and they will not tolerate any such kind of sympathy towards them.

When our reporter, got in touch with a Bihari boy Amit Kumar, he shared his feelings with us. In morning when he got to know about the main idea of the book, he could not wait to read something so close to his heart. But before he could check it out, the site was already crashed. He told us, how deeply he was touched by Chetan Bhagat’s gesture of understanding their problem regarding English and its connection with not getting a girlfriend. But this time again MNS has played the spoilsport and have stopped many guys like Amit from healing their emotions, which have been suppressed since a long time.