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MLAs will learn to achieve ‘goal’ at Football world cup clarified Goa government

13, Jun 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Panji: After the controversy over decision to send six MLAs to Football world cup on taxpayer’s money, today Goa government clarified his decision and said that government has decided to send three ministers along with three MLAs to Brazil on study tour of Football world cup to learn about various tactics and techniques to achieve ‘goal’ from top football players and teams of world.

In politics common people are just spectator who stand behind goal post while politicians play football

“After this study tour, government would work like a football team and could easily achieve goals amid hurdles from opposition as we would have new and tested world class techniques to reach our goal post. And this innovative step of Manohar Parrikar ji to bring world class knowledge into Goa will cost just 89 Lakhs. This is part of our commitment to provide good governance” said spokesperson of Goa government while trying to balance football on his back.

When Faking News reporter asked spokesperson about absence of any football player or coach in delegation, he replied, “For us, people are more important than a football team. Good team work in government will affect people’s life positively while later will affect just few people. And by the way, they can watch football world cup on television. What is needed to spend taxpayer’s valuable money on them unnecessarily?” questioned spokesperson while spinning football on his index finger.

Four MLAs out of six, who were part state delegation to visit England to attend FIM World Motocross Championship in 2012, claimed that due to their previous visit, now any government project has ability to reach finish line like participants did in Motocross championship. “But that was a individual sport and governance is a team work. That’s why we chose team game like Football and opt for FIFA world cup” explained one of MLAs and got busy to make shopping list for Brazil tour.

“Being in majority is like no goal keeper in opposition team” quipped another MLA who just finished Wikipedia’s article about football.