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MLA fails to laugh at Rahul Gandhi's joke, loses election candidature

17, Aug 2014 By tanul

An MLA from Akola District of Maharashtra lost his ticket for upcoming State elections after he failed to laugh at a joke cracked by Party Leader Rahul Gandhi. The incident reportedly occurred late in the evening on Independence Day, after Rahul Gandhi cracked a pj at party meeting in Akola. The joke,as usual, invoked boisterous laughter amongst the party members except for the victim. Following which, Rahul Gandhi democratically cancelled the MLA’s candidature citing gross indiscipline.

“Rahulji has an immaculate sense of humour.It was visible, if only you had the eye, in his interview with Arnab. This MLA couldn’t comprehend the depth of the joke and was rightly dubbed as immature for elections. One cannot hide from Rahulji’s eye for details,” opined Ajay ‘Makkhan’.

Local party leader always found the victim MLA egoist and selfish. “He would laugh only if he thought it was funny, even if at the expense of hurting someone. It was a scientific joke by Rahulji and one cannot afford to not align to the lines of your leader’s thinking,” concluded Digvijay, District Youth Congress Committee Chief.

A local opposition party leader, expelled from Congress for similar reason, recounted his own story, “It happened with me too. He said Lollipop was mightier than a sword. I started laughing and it turned out it wasn’t a joke. He used it in his Lok Sabha campaign.He does these things in party meetings.”

“Modi enjoys managed-humor,” jibed BJP¬† spokesperson,”We are told about the joke beforehand and so doesn’t create confusion,” he continued.

The move has drawn parallels from cricket and academicians alike.

“We always laugh at Dhoni’s jokes behind the wickets. We do it in nets as well. I learnt it from Rohit, he is very good at it. Believe me, it helps,” alludes Shikhar Dhawan.

“Cook hardly cracks any, he is too busy laughing at the Indian Batsmen,” quipped English bowler Anderson, still trying to find a rhythm that could help his team play a five-day Test match against India.

“The method involves considering irrelevant parameters to find relevant results, like in this case – ability to comprehend humor. We adopted it long back in our surveys which helped us surpass the IIMs every year,” said Arindham Chaudhury, director of IIPM Business of Schools and a self-attested management guru.

“The joke had something to do with the existing relation between piles and Jupiter’s escape velocity. I so wish I was a science graduate,” lamented the victim MLA, a graduate from Royal College of Arts, London.