Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Missing son is Police's concern not mine: Sadanand Gowda

09, Sep 2014 By santysarcasm19

Our railway minister is having a bit of tough time. But he is able to manage the situation pretty well.  Apparently the son of our railway minister Sadanand Gowda is missing and he is not even worried. As he believes police should be worried about it.  Also how astonishing would it be, that there are no calls demanding ransom money.  Now that’s a missing story.

The reason police is more concerned because he is wanted by police on the charges of rape. Actually, when the case was filed, police did not expect him to be not found at his residence. So while they were still pondering over how and when to arrest an alleged accused, Gowda junior thought of taking stroll in the park near by. But suddenly Gowda junior was nowhere to be found.

On being asked about his missing son, unlike any parent who would wreak havoc in the police station demanding prompt search operation, Mr Gowda seemed to be pretty relaxed. He plainly said “Law will take its course”. Yes, law will take its course just the way it let him abscond.

But for a poor boy life could be so harsh as his missing report does not concern his father. Also surprisingly his newly engaged fiancée is also rather not concerned. As if all they wanted was him to disappear or may be go for a foreign holiday trip.