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Miscreants pelt stones at LG Shoppe after Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung appoints a new ACB chief

09, Jun 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: In what is being considered as a consequence of complete loss of rationale, some unidentified miscreants pelted stones at LG Shoppe electronics store in the Delhi area.

“LG vs LG”

Faking News reporters who were commuting in the same lane quickly took notice of this and held the microphone towards one of the miscreants whose hands were busy pelting stones. Here’s what he said as he spoke to us in a high decibel conversation.

“Kya sab kuch LG ki jagir hai? Nahin chahiye hame aisa LG. Maaro pathar maaro. Aap bhi maaro,” said the masked miscreant as he was in no position to hold himself back. As our reporters feared getting hurt, they left the place hurriedly and occupied the opposite building’s pent house view.

After about 15-20 minutes of ruckus and mild damages, the group tried to leave the place but were arrested by the Central police.

We got a chance to speak to the general public who were around and here is what they suggested.

“Government of India must print pocket sized Constitution so that sane people can carry them, read it out and explain it to the insane whenever needed. At-least it can help curb unnecessary violence,” said Neeti a second year student from DCE.

“It was actually a peaceful protest by peaceful people who vented out their anger while fighting for rights. Instead of punishing them, we must supply them some drinking water during recess,” said Himsa Kumar as he appeared to be cheering for the miscreants while they pelted stones.

Sources say, there are some who believe LG of Delhi might have to compensate for the damages that LG Shoppe has undergone whole some complexity theorists blame it on Modi.