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Minister slaps party worker in Varanasi

23, Jan 2014 By khakshar

Bhupendra Mental, state minister for Public  No Works Department (PNWD), Monday evening slapped the party worker in full public view. The incident happened at a party meeting in Varanasi while the minister was listening to problems being raised by party supporters. When confronted by the worker on the  so high-handedness and hooliganism of some of the party members, the minister lunged towards him.He first tried to gag him and then slapped him, following it up with a punch.

Mental, who is the junior minister and a close associate of PNWD Minister , warned the worker, following which he apologized with folded hands.It was caught on television cameras.The minister also beat up some people Dec 29 last year during a blanket distribution function organised by the party.

The party vice president Mr. Chatur Singh Yadav has called for a calm as slapping and kicking of party workers by Senior Party members is done to educate them regards how to deal with Public.He clarified that  the party meeting at Varanasi was a training session. The party also realizes the need of martial art training of lower level party workers.

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