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Minister proposes Iron Man suits as school uniform for Girls

06, Jan 2013 By docsuppandi

Puducherry: A Puducherry Minister has proposed the Iron Man suit as uniform for school girls. The Minister, in an interview to Faking News, said that rapes happened because because men were able to see a girl’s body. The Iron Man suit would completely hide the woman’s body.

He said that he had initially considered burqas and scuba suits, but men could still see the girls’ eyes through them get ‘tempted’. The Minister has already contacted the Stark Enterprises for a demonstration of the Iron Man suit.

Iron Woman?
The proposal was hailed by school girls in Puducherry

“I am glad that the Puducherry government is considering Iron Man suits as school uniforms. Now we will even be able to blast away guys who try to eve-tease us with our flight stabilizers”, said Ms. Savitri, a class 8th student from Puducherry. Some school girls have submitted a petition to the government to get the Iron Man suits in pink.

Faking News tried contacting the Stark Enterprises for their comment but were told that Mr. Tony Stark was ‘very busy’.