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MHA orders Alien Body investigation against {P}AAP party

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

After issuing directions to investigate foreign hand in the funding of a {P} AAP (P is invisible and silent as per the view of the government) the MHA has issued further notice to investigate alien bodies in the same party. Sources from the ministry tell us, given the spate of deviant practices and procedures employed by the party, there are sufficient grounds existing to probe inter-galactic/alien connections.  To quote a few such obvious connections as told by the source:

  1. AAP: “Alien Abomination Project”. The motto of this site states that “AAP is not a strict select species clan, we are made up of Morons, Aliens, and Predators” perhaps referring to the two others Parties contesting the Delhi election as “Morons” and “Predators”. They have established a gaming community via the above portal. It starts with a political party, going forward they would establish spiritual guru-dom and that would be all that’s required to conquer this human race.
  2. Their party emblem is broom. An intensive/extensive search of internet reveals the mool- adhar of this emblem. It is the “BrooMartian”. This resemblance cannot be ruled out as paranoia/politician-ploy, as the broom gives rise to strong suspicion. The spokesman also clarified that it is also currently unclear if the broom signifies some kind of witch-hunting ceremony being followed by the party.  This, they said, would be left to “ASI” for follow-up, which currently is busy in gold hunting based on guru-gyaan technology.
  3. Last but not the least, the two Money Reliable brothers are taken by the two parties as their principal donors. For a third one to exist and sponsor the party, he/she (or both, being alien it can be so) has to be ET in nature.

There are others in the government who believe that just like Bollywood/Hollywood movies, the real leaders have been imprisoned and using “Face off” technology, the aliens have taken the face of human beings.  Additionally they feel that it is not inconceivable that just like “Krissh 3”, where a chameleon and human were mixed to create this morphing super figure, the advanced aliens have created a technology where one human being can take form and share of multiple human beings at the same time.This, they suggest, is that super concoction created by mixing multiple-chameleons mixed with DNA of  one and only Super Star.

The spokesman finally said “In short, the APP party poses a threat to the very core of democracy that this nation has been following for more than half a century.  The force behind such a party cannot be mere citizen’s participation (who still continue to show interest despite “Sachin Ending his Cricket Career” and “Stock Market Booming”). Only a thorough and complete investigation shall reveal the real truth.”