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MHA have plans to add "Are you Rahul Gandhi Fan?" option in job entry form

11, Feb 2014 By billthelizard

According to our reliable sources from Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) Faking news got to know that MHA is planning to add “Are you Rahul Gandhi fan?” option in Job Entry forms in future job postings.

Rahul Gandhi

After adding “Are you a victim of Gujarat riots 2002?” in job entry form for Security Assistant/Executive post, Ministry of Home Affairs took a step ahead to also add an option “Are Rahul Gandhi Fan?” option to identify mentally disordered people.

Experts says that it is innovative, constructive and efficient yet simple identification process than going through different medical tests to identify mentally disordered people. And also experts says this is gonna benefit UPA in 2014 elections to showcase their innovative approaches in solving problems.

After a long internal discussion faking news identified hidden benefits UPA with the employees recruited by this plan. Here are few of them (Faking news exclusive)

1. If job is given to mentally disordered people, his/her family and families around them will be out of hectic so they all will turn into UPA fans.

2. Easy corruption, even if UPA does not come into power they are sure that people like Rajiv Shukla, Diggi and Sanjay Jha will be recruited under special reservation. So they can do continue corruption.

3. They are easy to manage and UPA has proof of concept in the form of Rahul Gandhi answers and IQ.

4. It will give the answer to RTI filed against “Who want Rahul Gandhi to be PM?” survey

5. Jobless people, to get job at least will turn into Rahul Gandhi fans and UPA will will get more votes.

Thats it. We would like to invite people add their views and benefits to UPA as comments on this post.