Friday, 20th April, 2018

Meteorological Department cancels tsunami alert questioning veracity of Modi wave

10, Apr 2014 By bozobijoor
New Delhi: The MET Department on Monday cancelled the tsunami alert, which was sounded off over the weekend. MET Department officials disclosed that the alert had originally been called after BJP’s claims that a Modi wave was sweeping the nation.
The department was quick to call the alert and set up an expert team to investigate these claims. However, the team got back with little evidence to support the stand. Speaking to Faking News, the head of the investigating team Mr. M Chandi said that they set up teams across all coastal states to monitor the coastline to corroborate these reports. “We have been speaking to fishermen across all these states, since they’ll be the first to notice any such wave. While most fishermen have not taken to sea, of late, our investigation revealed that they have temporarily taken to campaigning for various parties. They find it a far more lucrative vocation.”
This stand was seconded by Narayan, a local fisherman from Karnataka who said that they were spoilt for choices this election. “We regularly take to campaigning as we earn a lot more. But we’ve never had it so good. Several of us are working shifts; first for the BJP and then Congress.”  When asked specifically about the Modi wave, Narayan scoffed, “Who cares, wave or no wave! All we hope for is that such elections be held more frequently.”

Meanwhile, the MET department has called off further investigation into the matter.