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Metal detectors are good conducting agents of Mukesh Ambani’s electricity: Arvind Kejriwal

13, Mar 2014 By thatrahulguy

Churchgate. In order to seek support for the party and its members, Mr Kejriwal decided to take a ride in Mumbai’s public transport system. To oppose crony capitalism, he avoided luxuries like travelling in a cab and chose to travel by local train.

Arvind Kejriwal
“Yes they are”

However an unfortunate event took place where AAP members damaged metal detectors at the Churchgate station. Aam Aadmi Party which stands for anti-corruption, had some of its members held up by police officials for questioning. They got away by paying up for ‘chai pani’ to the officers, as per the reports.

On being asked by our journalist about why AAP supporters had to resort to such vandalizing act, AK said “I have read constitution and laws.. of physics. Metal is a good conducting agent of electricity. Reliance Infrastructure being a leading power supplier in our country, it can be easily proved that metal is Mukesh Ambani’s agent too. But I still apologize for the way party members behaved. It’s in my power to order them to not behave violently again, but then I will choose to launch a dharna against them”. By giving the above statement, AAP leader has denied the floating rumor that the party members damaged metal detector coz it didn’t detect any mettle in AK as he passed by.

After being interviewed, AK asked our reporter how the interview went and what were his views on AAP’s vandalism, to which he replied, “Krantikari bahut hi krantikari.”