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Meira Kumar listens to Chennai Express songs during live parliament session

31, Aug 2013 By pagalkutta

In a shocking incident Lok Sabha spekar and congress MP Meira Kumar was found listening to Chennai Express Lungi song during live parliament session for food security bill last week.

When asked about the incident she said, “There is nothing wrong in it. What is this big fuss about? It is just because I am from a lower caste family that’s why? It is OK sometimes to listen to songs to refresh your mind. Parliament is a very hostile environment.”

Meira Kumar
Speaker enjoying songs

“Managing those MP’s is not at all an easy job. And everybody does these kind of recreational activities from watching porn to playing temple run (She is not referring to VHP here) on their cell phones in the parliament,” she added.

“Nobody ever questions that.  And also why these BJP people does not sleep in the Parliament itself? Every time when they want to go for afternoon sleep or have a tea break , they force me to adjourn the Parliament. They should learn something from Deve gowda ji. And listening to songs is not a crime.”

“I heard that Chennai Express is a big hit. I want to tell you one thing, whatever you say but Congress is going to win with majority in the next election as people who are making this Chennai express movie a big hit are the ones who are going to vote in the next election to decide India’s future.”

“Also I just don’t understand this concept of food security.  If people want cheap food they can contact Babbar sahab or Abdulla sahab. I am just tired of listing to this poverty argument in parliament. If people wants to get rid of their poverty why doesn’t they join congress party. No one is poor here. Anyways time to go now. Have to take Rahul baba to my home for dinner as Madamji is not feeling well . He wants to have some onion Pakodi today.”