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Meat ban in Maharashtra makes chickens cross roads, finally

08, Apr 2015 By khakshar

Mumbai: The on court banter between the judge and Maharashtra counsel on total meat ban has fueled rumor mills. The court room arguments of Maharashtra counsel has made Shiv Sena and Mahrashtra NavNirman Sena furious. Both the parties claim that a new influx will burden the city of Mumbai and Maharashtra in general. Migration of bullocks had started. Now goats, chickens from areas like Azamgarh, Jaunpur have started migrating which will create a chaos in the state. Ducks and chickens have been seen crossing the roads in other states and different interpretations are being attached to it.

Chickens spotted crossing the road safely
Chickens spotted crossing the road safely

Some of the responses when a self proclaimed gentleman asks: Why did the chickens cross the road?

The Ashutosh: They were disguised as Cows.

Sagarika: Of Course They were protesting against the Uni Color affinity of Government ..

Sardesai: To read my book

Ravish Kumar NDTV: Do they belong to same caste ?

Meanwhile smugglers are rubbing their hands in glee. Goat meat and chicken rates in black market are being debated upon,”Move away sandalwood, Biryani will be our forte” is their motto.

Maharashtra police is contemplating owners of the goats and chickens should provide photographs at local police stations. The photos will help police to track the goats and chickens in order to enforce the ban. It may also help nabbing “Murgi -Chors “.

A star activist  who was till a couple of years demanding ban on slaughter was seen mobilizing  people with placards “It’s My Choice”.  While a Babaji has asked the government to ban onion and garlic too.