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Mayawati to build tallest gold statue of elephant in Unnao, if she comes to power

02, Nov 2013 By LOLable

After the successful quest of gold in Unnao district of UP, political parties have started to garner their public support.

In recent development, former UP Chief Minister Mayawati announced that if BSP comes in power, tallest gold statue of elephant will be built in UP. This comes after ASI(Astrological Survey of India) had confirmed finding of 1024 ton gold buried under the fort of King Raja Bux Singh in Unnao district.

She said all of this found gold will be used in making the statue and it will be 182.01 m in height, 1cm taller than the world’s tallest¬† statue of Sardar Patel, to be built in Sarovar dam in Gujarat.

In response to this Gujarat CM Narendra Modi has invited gold dreaming saint Shobhan Sarkar, for a dinner at his residence. Talking to our fekureporter, Modi said, “The saint will be treated with traditional Gujarati food to have a good deep sleep and dream.”¬† Modi is expecting, Sadhu may help find him 1kg extra iron deposit which he will add to the statue, to make it 1cm taller than the promised Mayawati’s elephant.

Meanwhile, Geological survey of India has sent all of the employees for an indefinite unpaid leave and appointed Shobhan Sarkar as the only employee of the organization. Sarkar is also being contacted by US president Barack Obama to confirm alleged underground chemical and nuclear weapons in Syria and Iran.

Digvijay Singh has reacted to all this by saying , “This is a conspiracy against the minorities and RSS is behind all this. CBI inquiry should be carried out in this matter”.