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Mayawati promises Behen-G scam if voted to power again

14, Oct 2012 By Nitin Awasthi

Lucknow. Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati today said that if people of Uttar Pradesh gave her party a clear majority in next Vidhan Sabha elections, she would come up with the biggest scam the nation has ever seen.

She has already named it as Behen-G scam. She also promised that people of Uttar Pradesh would have their own share in the scam based on their respective castes.

Mayawati declaring that her scam will be number one and truly inclusive

Addressing a gathering of large crowd here, she hit out at UPA government for not doing any scam which has public share in it.

“Common man has been betrayed. This government has given us so many scams like 2G, CWG, Coal-G and now Jija-G, but none have the Mango-Man’s share,” she said.

She declared that low caste people born on her birthday will directly be entitled for their share in Behen-G scam, while others will also get their share.

Faking News tried to get reactions from different political parties on this.

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal took a strong exception to Mayawati’s statement. “If she wanted a scam, we could have done it together. There was no need to go directly to media. Also, it doesn’t have anything special for our Muslim brothers,” he said.

“It cannot be named as Behen-G scam as scams ending with G are proprietary to Congress party. We shall discuss the issue with her and probably we can name it as Madam-G scam. But final decision will only be taken by Sonia ji,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Congress secretary Digvijay Singh clearly rejected the idea of Mango-Man’s share in any scam. He said, “If such a scam happens, Congress will retaliate by doing RahulBaba-G scam, MataIndira-G scam and PapaRajiv-G scam.”

He also suspected strong backing of the RSS behind Mayawati’s plans.

Another strong reaction came from the newly formed unnamed party leader Arvind Kejriwal who somehow managed to extract the draft papers of the Behen-G scam. Though he praised Mayawati for offering share to the lower caste, he also accused her of being hand in glove with the Congress. He also launched an attack on the BJP for not commenting on the issue.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has offered strong support to Mayawati’s idea on the condition that the scam money should be used to bribe Congress for giving special status to Bihar.

Spokesperson of the Congress Manish Tewari accused the Mango-Man of India of being drenched in corruption from tip to toe. He took a jibe at Mayawati and suggested that the share of the Behen-G scam should go to the poor members of the Gandhi family.