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Mayawati demands reservation for dalits as AAP allotted permanent protest venue

23, Jan 2014 By lollusabha

Lucknow: At the launch of her Lok Sabha election campaign the maverick leader of the BSP Didi ji Mayawati ji today ostracized the authorities for allotting a permanent protest venue for the Aam Aadmi Party alone. She further attacked its leader and described “High class Kejriwal” as the “root of all evil” in her state.


While demanding that a separate venue be allotted for dalits from her state, she added that should she win the majority of seats from UP she would start a Aam Aadmi Party for dalits which would campaign for the rights of the BSP.

Mayawati of course commonly referred to as didi ji in tribute to her role in the spectrum scam. 1 G , 2 G, 3 G, did ji, madam ji get it!?

In related news Wikileaks today published cables stating that this personal attack on Kejriwal was fuelled by the fact that he failed to bring any shoes for Mayawati from his recent travels to Switzerland. The report further stated “You can get away with murder but its doom, doom and doom again if you don’t get didi ji any shoes.”

This craze for shoe collection is reported to have reached astronomical heights with one report putting the number at “more than the number of votes the BSP will garner” while another report puts it at around 1500. Both reports cite the same sources.