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May 16: Liberals forced to live in no man’s land, after Pakistan refuses entry

15, May 2014 By Jay Thar

2014 turned out a landmark elections for BJP, with Shri Narendra Modi leading the charge and thumping the dynastic rule out of power. Following the victory, true to his (sycophants’) follower Mr. Giriraj Singh’s word, the liberals of the country have been ‘politely’ asked to leave the country and move to Pakistan.

It would basically help to kill 2 birds with one stone: a) rid our country of the excess baggage of liberal mind-set. b) Change the intellectual landscape of our neighbours.

Narendra Modi
Only one intellectual is allowed.

But, lo behold, turns out Pakistan itself feels pestered by the rising Liberal elites. ‘We ourselves want to weed out the liberals who have infested our heartland. Just because they are smart, and manage to get a foreign degree from the worlds’ elite universities doesn’t mean they can come and start questioning our nation’s primitive thought process. It has taken us decades of poverty & seclusion sacrifice to maintain our ideology. And we definitely don’t need more such libtards from India.’ Pakistan’s foreign minister quipped.

BJP government, not flustered by the backlash from Pak, decided to hold consultation process to come up with a solution.

Mitro, I am a man who provides solutions. I will help rid my Bharat mata of the litter that has spread in the past 60 years. It is time to free our country of the intellectual mind-set. That would be our true freedom and victory,” thundered the now PM-in-waiting turned ‘former PM-in-waiting’.

After holding 3 days of extensive meetings with Pakistan to break the deadlock, finally, a middle path has been carved out (literally!).

Our 2 great nations have decided to pack park across all the liberals in the no-man’s land’ reads out the new government’s statement. RSS, along with Movers & Packers, will utilise their immense organisational skills to help the government pack, transport and rehabilitate these individuals in the no man’s land.

This is the biggest victory of democracy. We as a nation respect all viewpoints, and in cases of disagreements, new space is created where the new thoughts can survive and thrive. This helps maintain the tolerant mind-set of the country.

(With inputs from Pagal Patrakar and Hawabaaj lekah, PTI)